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MTS Nutrition rolls out a standalone ox bile product packing a gram per serving

Mts Nutrition Ox Bile

MTS Nutrition doesn’t come out with as many all-new supplements as it used to, although that’s not surprising since it now covers essentially every major category out there in the industry. Despite that, the brand still drops products here and there for specific areas, including the supplement it is rolling out this month in the ingredient-named Ox Bile.

MTS Nutrition’s Ox Bile is precisely that, an ox bile product featuring a gram of ox bile extract powder in each of its two capsule servings, providing a premium 45% cholic acid. The aim of the supplement is to help your body digest fats and absorb nutrients a little better, and since ox bile isn’t a common ingredient, you can easily add it to your daily stack.

Ox Bile from MTS Nutrition aims to be one of the more cost-competitive ox bile products on the market based on its higher percentage of cholic acid. From its major retail partner, Tiger Fitness, Ox Bile will cost you $19.99, and that is for a bottle of 60 capsules, working out to the usual 30 servings or 30 days’ supply with two capsules making up those servings.