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Latest Muscle Moose accessory helps you disguise Moose Juice as a packed lunch

Muscle Moose Lunch Bag

If you ever wanted to disguise your love for energy drinks like a packed launch when you’re at work or anywhere you need to be more mobile, the UK functional company Muscle Moose has the accessory for you. One of the popular products from that brand is the Moose Juice energy drink, available in four tasty flavors, all with low calories, B vitamins, BCAAs, and an energizing 200mg of caffeine in a full 500ml can.

Muscle Moose’s latest piece of merchandise is a customized cooler pack made to look like a traditional paper bag packed lunch. You can see what it looks like on the outside in the image above, then on the inside is an isothermal lined compartment that perfectly fits eight cans of Moose Juice. It is available exclusively through brand’s online store and doesn’t cost much to add to your order at £3.99 (5.04 USD).

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