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Coles gets a value pack for Muscle Nation’s Custard Protein Bar that’ll save you 30%

Muscle Nation Custard Protein Bar Value Pack

The Custard Protein Bar is Muscle Nation’s delicious-looking protein snack with a custard-like consistency exclusively available from the major supermarket in the brand’s home country of Australia. It is available in single bars at $4 (2.80 USD) a piece, packing between 15 to 18g of protein, and it has a strong selection of flavors with tasty creations like Caramel Toffee, Chocolate Mint, and White Chocolate Raspberry.

Coles is now stocking a different way to purchase Muscle Nation’s Custard Protein Bar with a bulk value pack that has five bars a box, all in the same flavor. As with any larger size, it’ll save you a good amount of money compared to buying them individually. Coles is currently listing the five-piece Custard Protein Bar value pack at $14 (9.81 USD), which is a damn good deal, working out to be 30% cheaper than that $4 each.