Olimp puts Vita-Min Multiple Sport into convenient effervescent tablets

Olimp Vita Min Multiple Sport Effervescent Tablets

The giant Polish supplement company Olimp has many different vitamin and mineral products available, and we mean a lot, with some featuring a more select blend of ingredients and others being comprehensive formulas. Vita-Min Multiple Sport is one of the brand’s complete multivitamins, designed for active individuals and sports athletes, available in traditional capsules and an on-the-go shot.

Olimp has introduced a third format of Vita-Min Multiple Sport to go alongside its pills and compact shot with effervescent tablets that you throw into a glass of water, wait for it to dissolve, then drink. Being the format that it is, the newest version of Vita-Min Multiple Sport doesn’t have the variety of ingredients or dosages especially compared to the capsules, but it still provides a reasonably respectable formula.

There is a flavor to Olimp’s Vita-Min Multiple Sport effervescent tablets with refreshingly sweet citrus, and it’s available now in the brand’s home country of Poland, including its own online store. With that lighter multivitamin formula, the price of the Vita-Min Multiple Sport spin-off is much lower per serving than the pills and shot at €4.30 (4.53 USD) for a tube of 20 single-serving dissolvable tablets.