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Performax unveils its blend protein powder enhanced with Velositol and enzymes

Performax Labs Prowheymax

When Performax Labs rebranded itself last year with its fresh and edgy new look, it started with just a few supplements from its previous lineup with the top-rated pre-workout HyperMax and the muscle builders MassMax and AlphaMax. That left behind several products, many of which Performax has brought over to its refreshed catalog, including VasoMax, EAminoMax, OxyMax, and the glucose disposal agent SlinMax.

Performax Labs also brought back its first-ever protein powder IsoWheyMax in its new branding and still featuring its original premium formula, combining lean whey isolate, Velositol, and digestive enzymes. The reputable brand has now announced another competitor for the saturated category named ProWheyMax. This will be its more cost-effective blend style protein powder and still have that premium Performax twist.

The upcoming ProWheyMax will have 24g of protein per serving from a blend of whey concentrate and whey isolate, alongside other lean macros, 2g of Velositol to double the power of the protein, and enzymes for better digestion. Performax Labs has confirmed ProWheyMax will be launching sometime soon in a Chocolate Milk flavor, and by the looks of its teaser, it’ll have four other options on its menu yet to be revealed.