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Procemsa introduces its gaming ingredients TFmax and SRmax at VitaFoods

Procemsa Tfmax And Srmax

Procemsa is a major manufacturing company out of Italy, and at this week’s VitaFoods convention in Geneva, Switzerland, it has introduced two new branded ingredients, or technically four, as they each have a more complex variant. All of them are geared toward the gaming market and aim to provide benefits to elevate your game and then, following the many hours of playing, help get you to sleep.

The Procemsa innovations are TFmax and TFmax+, and SRmax and SRmax+. TFmax is a blend of ingredients that has yet to be shared but brought together to enhance energy and mental focus, and support eye health. The alternative version of TFmax, TFmax+ has all of the same ingredients to provide all of the same benefits; however, Procemsa also throws in guarana as a source of caffeine and better energy.

As for SRmax, that is another blend of ingredients that we’ll hopefully have more information on soon, designed to help you relax, get to sleep, and recover. The difference between regular SRmax and SRmax+ is much the same as TFmax and TFmax+, where Procemsa throws in an additional ingredient to support all of those benefits even further, and in the case of TFmax+, that extra ingredient is melatonin.

Procemsa only introduced its TFmax and SRmax family of gaming ingredients at VitaFoods, and again, we are hoping to get all of their more specific details in the coming month or two. You can find out more about Procemsa itself over on its website, and it is certainly great to see a company put together something just for the gaming category, especially since it is one of the faster-growing spaces out there.

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