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Quamtrax comes out with its take on the traditional oat-based muesli bar

Quamtrax Muesli Bar

Hard-working Spanish brand Quamtrax Nutrition has a new snack on the market this month, simply named Muesli Bar, and it is precisely that, a classic oat-based muesli bar. It is made with many other wholefood ingredients that change between each of its three flavors, with the end result being a snack that’s not high in protein but more of a healthy, easy-to-eat, on-the-go product.

Quamtrax Nutrition has crafted its Muesli Bar with oats, raisins, nuts, red fruits, and various chocolates in milk, rich, and sweet white chocolate. In typical muesli bar style, the delicious chocolate makes up the base while the wholefoods are squeezed together on top, providing 2.4 to 3g of protein, 5.6 to 6.7g of fat, 22.4 to 24.3g of carbohydrates, under 3g of sugar, and 165 to 169 calories.

There are three flavors in total for the Quamtrax Nutrition Muesli, each with one of those three different chocolates mentioned in Raisins, Seeds & Dark Chocolate, Coconut, Nuts & Milk Chocolate, and Red Fruits, Almonds & White Chocolate. The crunchy, chewy, and nutritious snack is rolling out to stores in the brand’s home country and looks to be around €1 (1.07 USD) each.

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