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RAZE reveals another stackable muscle builder in the three-ingredient RAZE LX3

Raze Lx3

Tomorrow the brand behind the popular and tasty RAZE Energy drink is expanding its sports nutrition side with the muscle-building supplement RAZE Ecdysterone. It brings together a solid 300mg of ecdysterone and 100mg of ashwagandha; although that’s not all the brand is adding to its growing sports nutrition selection, it is also launching RAZE LX3.

Like RAZE Ecdysterone, RAZE LX3 is a muscle-building product; however, this one relies on three key ingredients, and none of them are in Ecdysterone, so the two can be used alongside one another for even better results.

Each serving of the upcoming RAZE LX3 features 300mg of smilax extract, 150mg of epicatechin, and one of our favorite ingredients for muscle strength and size in arachidonic acid. The dose of the arachidonic acid is a gram, although it’s standardized to 10%, not the 40% you get in other supplements that have it in softgel format such as SNS X-Gels and Animal Test.

To top it all off, RAZE has given RAZE LX3 one more feature in common with RAZE Ecdysterone, and that is add 5mg of black pepper to improve absorption of the product. Once again, LX3 is launching tomorrow through the REPP Sports online store, where it’ll likely be a similar price to the stackable muscle builder RAZE Ecdysterone with 30 servings in both items.