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Skull Labs releases a pre-workout featuring more for pumps in stim and stim-free options

Skull Labs Skull Crusher Pre Workouts

Skull Labs is a uniquely branded company out of Poland that has quite the growing selection of products, including two pre-workouts, four protein-based formulas, two of them gainers, and some standalone supplements. This month it is introducing its third competitor in the fierce pre-workout category with its other entries, Brain Reaper and Angel Dust, now sitting alongside Skull Crusher.

The goal of Skull Labs’ Skull Crusher pre-workout compared to Brain Reaper and Angel Dust is to deliver a better or stronger pump effect. There are many similarities between Skull Crusher and those other two products, although again, the idea is that the brand has put more ingredients in this one to enhance muscle pumps, including 6g of citrulline malate, providing 4g of pure citrulline.

Skull Labs Skull Crusher Standard

Alongside the citrulline, Skull Crusher (label above) has 3.2g of beta-alanine to power performance, a light 1.2g of betaine, 2g of taurine, 800mg of tyrosine and another light dose with 200mg of choline bitartrate, both to support focus, and an energizing 400mg of caffeine. That formula is not far off what you get in Angel Dust; in fact, everything that’s in Angel Dust is in Skull Crusher; Skull Labs has just added citrulline and taurine to again, provide better pumps.

Skull Labs Skull Crusher Stim Free

To go with Skull Crusher, Poland’s Skull Labs has also launched Skull Crusher Stim-Free (label above), which is similar to the regular Skull Crusher, of course, without any stimulants. It still has 6g of citrulline malate and 3.2g of beta-alanine; however, no caffeine, theanine, or GABA like the stimulant Skull Crusher, but added glycerol and arginine to make pumps a vital feature of the pre-workout.

Basically, Skull Crusher and Skull Crusher Stim-Free are pre-workouts for fans of Skull Labs’ other pre-workouts that might want more ingredients to support and improve pumps. That is precisely what the formulas look like they’ll do on paper, and they’re out now in the brand’s home country with 20 full servings a tub, and both are available in several flavors, including Dragon Fruit and Lychee.