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SmartSweets adds Sourmelon Bites to its variety of bulk low sugar candy at Costco

Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites At Costco

At Costco, in SmartSweets’ home country of Canada, you can get the tasty functional food company’s delicious low-sugar and low-calorie candy in bulk boxes. The discount membership retailer’s website has bundles of five snack-sized bags at $13.99 (10.99 USD), which even works out cheaper per bag than buying a pack of 12 through the brand’s Canadian online store.

SmartSweets previously only had its Sweet Fish and Peach Rings candy available at Costco in that much more cost-effective bulk box, and now it’s expanded that selection with another one of its delicious candies. Rolling out to Costco in Canada to go alongside the Sweet Fish and Peach Rings, five-bag bundles are Sourmelon Bites, and they’ve shown up at $11.99 (9.42 USD) a box.

As a quick refresher on SmartSweets Sourmelon Bites candy, they are sweet melon-shaped candy with 23g of net carbohydrates a bag, only 3g of that sugar, no fat, no protein, and a calorie count of 130.