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Supplement Needs makes a few tweaks to Greens+ for a greatly improved flavor

Supplement Needs Greens

Superfood products are not the best tasting supplements out there, especially compared to something like an amino, whey-based protein powder, or even some of the top-tasting pre-workouts. Supplement Needs has come out this week and released a new version of its superfood competitor Greens+, and while we haven’t tried it, the focus of the revamp was to significantly improve the taste.

To make for a better flavor overall, Supplement Needs made three changes to Greens+ with the removal of aloe vera, previously at 400mg a serving, reduced the amount of garlic, and evenly increased the blues and purples such as bilberry and elderberry to 284mg each. All of the other key ingredients in the packed-out superfood product have remained with a hefty total of 9.48g of actives from 37 ingredients.

Once again, Supplement Needs says its new and improved Greens+ is a much better tasting product, and it comes in two flavors, like its predecessor with Cherry and an all-new Mango Pineapple. If you go and purchase Greens+ straight from Supplement Needs’ online store starting this week, the revamped version is what you’ll get at a price of £34.99 for a full-size tub of 30 servings.