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GAAM brings the taste of summer in Sweden to its popular sugar-free energy drink

Swedish Summer Gaam Energy

Proteinbolaget and its house brand GAAM Nutrition have dropped another flavor for their flagship energy drink GAAM Energy, and it is both fitting for the time of year and audience. GAAM is a Swedish brand, and that is precisely the theme of GAAM Energy’s latest flavor extension with Swedish Summer, which, fortunately, does come with a description of what it’s actually meant to taste like.

GAAM Nutrition’s summery new Swedish Summer GAAM Energy is a sweet and refreshing combination of rhubarb and strawberry, and it has all of the beverage’s usual highlights in 180mg of caffeine for anytime energy, B vitamins, no sugar, and one calorie a can. With “Summer” in the name of the flavor, it does sound like a limited launch, although we haven’t seen any mention of that from the brand.

You can grab the Swedish Summer GAAM Energy from Proteinbolaget’s Swedish online store in all of the product’s usual convenient options with a single can at 22 kr (2.17 USD), a pack of 24 cans at 299 kr (29.48 USD), and a bulk bundle of two 24-can cases at 549 (54.13 USD).