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Swedish Supplements is turning its memorable pre-workout into an energy drink

I Am Fcked Up Energy Drink

I Am Fucked Up is the memorable name of Swedish Supplements’ reputable and hard-hitting stimulant pre-workout, which comes in a variety of flavors and even a shot version called I Am Fucked Up Headshot. The Sweden-based brand is about to come out with another format for the popular product, joining the many others in the industry and adding a carbonated beverage to its lineup.

Swedish Supplements has started teasing what is currently and simply referred to as the I Am Fucked Up Energy Drink, coming in what looks to be the slimmer 12oz can as opposed to the more common 16oz. The brand has confirmed some of its main ingredients, including B vitamins, an unknown amount of carnitine, a moderate 200mg of caffeine for energy, and it’ll be completely sugar-free.

The only details Swedish Supplements has not shared for its I Am Fucked Up Energy Drink are what it looks like, which we imagine will continue the signature devious clown from the pre-workout, and what flavors we’re in for. As mentioned, the original I Am Fucked Up supplement has a lot of options on its menu, many quite interesting, so we’re guessing the beverage won’t have just traditional tastes.