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Transparent Labs resurrects its harder-hitting premium pre-workout Bulk Black

Transparent Labs Bulk Black

Bulk Black is making a return this week, which is a previously released limited-edition pre-workout from Transparent Labs, considered a more intense or premium alternative to the brand’s regular Bulk pre-workout. The two supplements feature many of the same ingredients and dosages, with a few changes here and there making for that more intense, harder-hitting pre-workout experience.

Compared to Transparent Labs’ Bulk pre-workout, Bulk Black has the same amount of beta-alanine to support performance at 4g, 2.5g of BetaPure betaine, 1.3g of taurine, and a gram of tyrosine. It also has 300mg of AlphaSize branded alpha-GPC like Bulk, 50mg of theobromine, and 30mg of Infinergy di-caffeine malate for longer-lasting energy.

Transparent Labs Bulk Black Label

Again, all of those ingredients mentioned above are what you get in Transparent Labs’ Bulk and Bulk Black. Where the two separate is Bulk has 4g of BCAAs while Bulk Black does not, with the more premium pre-workout also having 33% more citrulline malate at 8g and a heightened amount of caffeine anhydrous at 275mg in place of 180mg. Lastly, Transparent has pumped up the absorption enhancer Astragin in Bulk Black, taking it from 25mg to 50mg.

Bulk Black is essentially a higher energy pre-workout next to Transparent Labs’ original Bulk with more citrulline to push pumps and, of course, without the benefits of the BCAAs. You can now purchase the returning Bulk Black straight from the brand’s online store starting tomorrow in its original Black Cherry flavor and for just slightly more than Bulk at $54.99 for a tub of 30 full servings.