Transparent brings its Lean menu closer to double-digits with Sour Peach

Transparent Labs Sour Peach Lean

Reputable brand Transparent Labs has a new flavor for one of its many different pre-workouts, with the attention this time going to the hybrid supplement of sorts, officially named Lean. This is the brand’s pre-workout designed to provide the usual core benefits like energy, focus, pumps, and performance, as well as support lean muscle growth with the help of BCAAs.

Unlike many supplements that get flavor extensions, Transparent Labs’ Lean pre-workout is not a product that’s short on options. The latest addition to Lean brings it one flavor shy of a double-digit menu, with the all-new Sour Peach. The option goes alongside the likes of Tropical Punch, Orange, and Sour Grape and is available now from the brand’s website at $49.99 a tub.