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Authentic Tex candy bar flavor now also comes in USN’s HydroTech whey protein

Usn Tex Candy Bar Hydrotech Whey

While USN isn’t as known for authentic flavor collaborations as much as other brands out there, it certainly does them, and it has quite the variety. You won’t find the brand’s partnership products in the US; they’re all available in its home country of South Africa and are inspired by candy bars from that area with the Nestle treats Chocolate Log, Bar One, Peppermint Crisp, and Tex.

All of those authentic flavor collaborations mentioned have been for USN’s flagship protein powder BlueLab 100% Whey, although this week, the brand has taken one and expanded it across to one of its many other protein supplements. You can now get USN’s authentic Tex candy bar flavor in HydroTech Whey, which is a blend-style protein powder that gets most of its protein from isolate.

For those unfamiliar with Nestle’s Tex candy bar, it’s a wafer-type candy treat, with a later of sweet aerated chocolate at the center, crunchy wafer layers above and below, and a coat of chocolate. It is that combination USN aims to replicate in its Tex collaboration, and now that it’s available for HydroTech, you can get it with all of the product’s lean macros at 20g of protein and 113 calories.