Peach Ice Tea brings the menu of Weider’s EAA Zero to a total of three

Weider Peach Ice Tea Premium Eaa

Until recently, the strong European supplement company Weider didn’t have all that many flavors to choose from for its recovery-supporting amino product, Premium EAA Zero, featuring all nine EAAs. The supplement packs a fairly hefty amount of EAAs in each serving at a combined total of just over 10g, with a good amount of those made up of the three all-important BCAAs at 6.28g of its 10.19g of EAAs.

Previously, Weider only had two flavors available for Premium EAA Zero in Tropical and the classic Pink Lemonade, which have now been joined by a third option in Peach Ice Tea. As we always say, more flavors are always more appreciated, especially when the menu doesn’t have too many options on it. You can already purchase Weider’s Peach Ice Tea EAA Zero from its European website at €23.69 (24.94 USD) a tub.

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