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Alasature makes a fluffy cream-filled muffin packing 8g of protein and under a gram of sugar

Alasature Protein Muffin

Alasature is another creative, functional food company out of Europe that gives you delicious-looking treats and foods that get more protein and less sugar in your diet and not in the usual bar format. Alasature makes keto-friendly and protein-packed pizzas in delicious flavors like Cajun Chicken, 4 Cheeses, and Parmesan & Truffle, and the product it’s most known for, cream-filled doughnuts with 13g of protein.

An all-new functional food has entered the Alasature lineup this week, and like the pizza and doughnuts, this isn’t a common format; in fact, it’s one we’ve only seen from maybe two other companies in the industry. The latest from the Spanish brand is the Alasature Protein Muffin in Kinder Protein, Caramel Chocolate, and Lotus Cream flavors, and it is an actual soft fluffy muffin filled with cream and it’s not snack-sized either, with each one weighing a sizeable 75g.

Alasature Protein Muffin

The nutrition profile on Alasature’s Protein Muffin is led by a moderate 8.5g of protein, 21.6g of fat, 26.7g of carbohydrates with an impressive sub-gram of that sugar, and a hefty calorie count of 351. The macros aren’t obviously as lean as a protein shake or typical protein bar, but the product is certainly better than a regular sugar-loaded muffin, which, again, Alasature does well with keeping the sugar at under a gram.

Alasature’s undoubtedly tasty Protein Muffin is made with a nutritious and flavorful set of ingredients, including flour, oats, eggs, maltitol, micellar casein to raise the protein, and flavor-specific entries like white chocolate cream. The product is due to begin showing up in all of the brand’s usual retail partners soon, and it does have quite the reach with availability in China, Mexico, Qatar, and many other markets, and, of course, various countries across Europe.

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