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First look surfaces of AllMax Nutrition’s glucose disposal agent GlucoFX

Allmax Nutrition Glucofx

While there are plenty of popular mainstream sports nutrition categories, such as protein powder, pre-workout, and weight loss, there are several others that are not as popular but are entered into frequently by brands. One of those not-so-common, more specialist categories is nutrient partitioning or glucose disposal agent (GDA), products typically designed to help your body better use the carbohydrates you put in it.

Again, GDA is a type of supplement that’s not as well known or widely available, but plenty of brands make them, with the legacy Canadian company AllMax Nutrition about to throw its hat into the ring. An image has surfaced of a product named GlucoFX, proudly promoting itself as a glucose disposal agent, and it promises all of the usual GDA benefits, including improved metabolism and nutrient partitioning support.

AllMax Nutrition has not named any of the ingredients in GlucoFX just yet, only the name, image above, the effects mentioned, and the fact that it’ll have 75 capsules per bottle. Our guess is you’ll get about 25 servings in a bottle, which would work out to a three-capsule serving size, giving the brand plenty of room for some respectable GDA ingredients and dosages.