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Apollon turns delicious Ruby Chocolate into a flavor of its 50/50 protein powder

Apollon Ruby Chocolate 5050 Formula X

While Apollon Nutrition’s blend protein powder 50/50 Formula has traditional tastes like Dutch Chocolate and Alpine Vanilla, it also has some slightly more uncommon options like Wild Strawberry and Caramel Macchiato. This coming weekend in line with 4th Of July, the hardcore company and Brand Of The Year for 2021, is releasing a flavor we have yet to see in the US.

Ruby chocolate is a type of chocolate like dark and white chocolate that features an eye-catching pink color and a sweet berry-like flavor. Apollon Nutrition has taken inspiration from that enjoyable chocolate and created a Ruby Chocolate 50/50 Formula protein powder. It aims to deliver that sweet, berry-like chocolate taste but in the form of a lean, protein-packed shake.

As mentioned, Apollon Nutrition is looking to launch its Ruby Chocolate 50/50 Formula through its online store this coming Friday, in the protein powder’s usual 2lb tub size of 28 servings. It’ll feature 50/50 Formula’s usual formula providing 24g of protein per serving from a fifty-fifty blend of whey isolate and micellar casein, and a calorie count of between 130 to 140.