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AstroFlav puts the muscle-building and study-backed RipFactor in a standalone product

Astroflav Rf 350

RipFactor is a premium branded ingredient that is gradually finding its way into more and more supplements thanks to its studied benefits of enhancing muscle strength and size. RipFactor is a blend of sphaeranthus indicus flower and mangifera indica supported by clinical studies that show as much as four times greater improvement in muscle size and five times greater improvement in strength.

The team at AstroFlav, known for supplements like IsoMix protein powder and the pre-workout Flip Mode, has taken RipFactor and created a product based entirely on it. RF-350 is the latest supplement from AstroFlav, featuring only RipFactor and nothing else. Every bottle has 60 capsules, each with 325mg of RipFactor, giving you enough to get the full dose of 650mg for a whole month.

AstroFlav’s RipFactor-powered RF-350 is available directly through its online store for the same price as Alpha Lion’s Gains Candy RipFactor, which also has 60 capsules per bottle with 325mg of RipFactor in each. RF-350 will cost you $39.95, although the brand also has some bundles available where you can get it with other muscle-building products and save as much as 34% overall.