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Carbohydrates and hydration ingredients come together for Believe’s Performance Fuel

Believe Supplements Performance Fuel

Canada’s Believe Supplements has introduced an all-new performance and endurance-focused product that is now out and available in its home country and should be showing up on shelves shortly. The name of the supplement is Performance Fuel, and again, that is its primary purpose, featuring a relatively straightforward blend of ingredients to drive the experience and benefits.

Believe Supplements’ Performance Fuel is a carbohydrate-based product with a 25g blend of premium Cluster Dextrin branded highly branched cyclic dextrin and d-glucose per serving. That is a good amount of carbohydrates to fuel your body and training, with the brand also including a handful of hydration ingredients for more performance, with the likes of a gram of coconut water and electrolytes.

Believe Supplements Performance Fuel Label

As mentioned, Believe Supplements has kept things relatively simple and straightforward for Performance Fuel, with essentially quality carbohydrates and reliable hydration-supporting components to get the job done. The brand’s performance and endurance product is hitting stores in bags of 25 servings in a Lemon Lime flavor and Unflavored for those that want to mix it with other supplements.