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Diablo fat burner from Big Supplements gets a topical spin-off

Big Supplements Diablo

The fun and colorful company Big Supplements from Spain has dropped a new weight loss product for the month of June, although it is not your typical capsule, powder, or even liquid formula. The supplement is named Diablo, a spin-off of its already available Diablo capsules, and it comes in the form of topical cream to reduce fluids, improve skin appearance, and of course, help with weight loss.

Like other topical fat-burning products, the idea is you squeeze out a serving onto your hand, then apply it to your preferred areas, whether it be the stomach, arms, or thighs. The key ingredients Big Supplements has infused into the product include caffeine, carnitine, and gotu kola. Due to the format and Diablo’s simple set of ingredients, you can stack it with any of Big’s other weight loss supplements.

Big Supplements’ thermogenic and fat-burning Diablo topical product is available straight from its own online store at €25.95 (27.21 USD). Once again, you can combine it with other weight loss supplements for better results, including Big’s original Diablo, which is a more typical, stimulant-powered fat burner that includes the likes of premium InnoSlim, Capsimax, and 187mg of caffeine.