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Applied makes a special edition Amino-Hydrate exclusively for Built For Athletes

Built For Athletes Bcaa Amino Hydrate

Built For Athletes is a reputable UK-based company that makes premium, high-quality backpacks and, as you could probably guess, for athletes. The team over at the UK sports nutrition brand Applied Nutrition has teamed up with Built For Athletes for a special edition flavor of its recovery-supporting amino product BCAA Amino-Hydrate that you can purchase from the bag brand’s website.

The collaboration between Applied Nutrition and Built For Athletes is a custom-branded BCAA Amino-Hydrate in its Fruit Burst flavor. It comes with all of the usual Amino-Hydrate ingredients, including 7.2g of BCAAs and electrolytes to support hydration. Again, the special edition product has its own unique branding themed around the Built For Athletes’ look, although the name is still Amino-Hydrate.

The only other difference with the exclusive and limited edition Built For Athletes Fruit Burst BCAA Amino-Hydrate is it has fewer servings than normal at 25 instead of 32. The price of the product, however, has been lowered accordingly, with Built For Athletes’ online store exclusively selling it at £22.99 (27.89 USD) versus £29.99 for the regular 32 serving through Applied Nutrition’s website.

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