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Pandy partners with Klara Elvgren to make her favorite candy with only 1g of sugar

Cherry By Klara Pandy Candy

Swedish low-sugar candy company Pandy has created its first-ever product collaboration, where it has partnered with an individual to put together a completely new variant of its flagship and always enjoyable candy. The brand has teamed up with fitness influencer and YouTuber Klara Elvgren, also from Sweden, for Pandy’s twist on Elvgren’s favorite candy.

The collaboration between Pandy and Klara Elvgren, who also goes by the handle TanByKlara on Instagram and YouTube, is a Cherry Pandy Candy, or its official name reinforcing the collaboration, Cherry By Klara. Like the popular functional brand’s many other flavors and variants of its premier candy product, Cherry By Klara impressively has only one gram of sugar per bag.

Pandy has announced its Klara Elvgren partnership product today; however, it won’t be available for another week. The brand plans on officially launching Cherry By Klara on Wednesday of next week through its own online store and the popular online pharmacy Meds. Those two locations actually have a two-day exclusive, as no one else will stock it until Friday.

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