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Dedicated teases one or maybe two new products reveals for the Stack3d Expo

Dedicated Nutrition Stack3d Expo Reveal

Some of the main features we encourage supplement brands and ingredient companies to bring to our premier Stack3d Supplement Expo are reveals, releases, and announcements. We’ve always wanted the week of the online event to be a celebration and spree of innovation, creativity, and new products, similar to how brands previously came together for the weeks of the Olympia Expo and Arnold Classic.

As with many other years of the Stack3d Supplement Expo, several exhibitors are coming through with some fun, interesting, and exciting launches, one of which has started teasing its announcement. The reputable Dedicated Nutrition, known for its legendary pre-workout Unstoppable, has posted an image featuring two blurred and seemingly all-new supplements, or one pictured twice, that’ll be unveiled at the Stack3d Expo.

We don’t get to see any of the presentations or pages exhibitors have put together for the Stack3d Supplement Expo until it all goes live on July 11th, so we’re excited to see what it is Dedicated Nutrition has up its sleeve. The brand, widely available in Europe and Canada, has built its reputation on reliable, effective, advanced sports nutrition products, leading us to believe these or this will be another one of those.

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