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Blueberry-themed Crackberry coming to Bowl O’ Gainz for 4th Of July

Flavor Gang Crackberry Bowl O Gainz

The popular food brand Flavor Gang is mainly known for its low-calorie sauces, such as the Asian fusion Mutant Sauce and the more traditional sweet BBQ sauce, Sweet Papi. The brand, however, does branch out beyond sauces producing spices and a hot cereal product called Bowl O’ Gainz. The cream of rice has five flavor options, although Flavor Gang is currently getting ready to change that.

The new flavor on the horizon is Crackberry, inspired by the popular cereal ‘Crunch Berry.’ The new Bowl O’ Gainz option is made with real blueberries, and like its other flavors, it can be enjoyed both hot or cold. Fans of the brand can expect it to be available for purchase in just under a month on the 4th of July, and it should retail for the same price as the other five flavors of Bowl O’ Gainz at $23.99 a bag.