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G Fuel and Ninja lower the caffeine to 140mg for their energy drink flavor collaboration

G Fuel X Ninja Cotton Candy

When G Fuel announced it had brought on the hugely famous gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins as an ambassador for its brand, we knew it was only a matter of time before they teamed up for some sort of flavor or product. The leader of the gaming supplement category has done it many times with many other members of its team, and this week that long-awaited collaboration has come to life.

G Fuel and Ninja revealed the first product they’ve put together, and it is indeed a special edition flavor of the brand’s smooth-tasting, high-energy beverage, the G Fuel energy drink. The flavor G Fuel and its premier ambassador have crafted is Ninja Cotton Candy. It is, of course, intended to taste like the classic carnival treat of the same name, and it is said to be a completely new flavor profile.

In addition to the entirely new Cotton Candy taste in the Ninja Cotton Candy G Fuel beverage, the brand has made an interesting change to the formula. Specifically for this product, G Fuel has lowered the amount of caffeine you get in the flavor’s full-size 16oz can. Instead of the high-powered 300mg, G Fuel and Ninja have reduced it to a more moderate although still energy-enhancing 140mg.

G Fuel has launched its collaboration with Ninja at the giant supermarket Walmart, with the product already said to be showing up on shelves. The great thing about the Ninja Cotton Candy G Fuel energy drink launching at Walmart is you can get the beverage in single cans from there, so you can experience the new Cotton Candy without investing in a case with more cans than you may want.

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