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Human Performance refreshes the formula powering its reputable nootropic Outsmart

Human Performance Solutions Outsmart

Human Performance Solutions, more simply referred to as HPS, has refreshed its flagship supplement for 2022, which is a reputable nootropic named Outsmart. The goal of the product is to increase and enhance energy and mental focus for any sort of situation and occasion, whether it be for exercise, studying, gaming, general work, or just day-to-day productivity.

The revamped Outsmart from Human Performance Solutions has kept most of the original’s key dosages the same, so those that were already fans of the supplement can still expect the same effective experience they’ve come to rely on. There are only a few tweaks to the product; the bacopa has increased to 400mg in a full serving, the rhodiola upped by 25% to half a gram, and the caffeine is now 100mg of Coffeine natural caffeine.

Human Performance Solutions Outsmart Label

Human Performance Solutions has maintained absolutely everything else in Outsmart, including other significant highlights such as a solid 600mg of the nootropic mushroom lion’s mane, 100mg of premium TeaCrine, and half a gram of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine. Again, Outsmart is a nootropic perfect for any time you need better focus, cognition, concentration, and elevated productivity.

One of the places you can go to get your hands on Human Performance Solutions’ updated and improved Outsmart is the sports nutrition brand Strom Sports’ website, where it’s reasonably priced at £27 (33.13 USD). That is for a bottle of 50 regular servings, or if you want the maximum experience with the dosages mentioned, you’ll get 25 servings from a full size.