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Klout gets ready to enter the growing stim-free pump pill category

Klout Ultimate Pump Kap

Klout is joining the growing list of supplement companies with a pump-enhancing pre-workout in capsule format, which is due to launch very soon under the name Ultimate Pump Kap. Like most pump-powering products, this will be completely stimulant-free, and from how the brand is hyping it, we can expect to see a solid pump supporting formula.

Klout has not shared a lot for Ultimate Pump Kap, only the details above, but obviously, more information will be shared when it becomes available. We can also confirm it has a serving size of six capsules, which doesn’t guarantee any specific ingredients or dosages, although it does mean the brand has packed a sizeable combination into the supplement.

As mentioned, Ultimate Pump Kap is due to launch shortly; in fact, Klout has set an exact date for when it’ll arrive, and that date is tomorrow. We look forward to seeing the full reveal and all of the ingredients the brand has thrown into this one, and presumably, it will be stackable with its other pre-workouts, Karma, the stimulantless Realm, and Mamba.

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