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Retailer Live Evolved grows its own line to three with a nighttime supplement

Live Evolved Sleep

Live Evolved is another sports nutrition retailer with its own line of supplements under the same name, and it is currently growing the selection it offers. Previously the store and brand had two products filling out its catalog in the pre-workout Pre and nootropic Cerebrum; now, starting this month, it has a third supplement available, introducing Sleep.

Live Evolved Sleep is precisely what you think it is, with a product built specifically to help you get better sleep. The supplement isn’t supremely expensive at $29.99 for a full-size bottle of 30 servings, giving you enough for a month’s worth of quality sleep. The formula is a combination of commonly used nighttime ingredients to reduce stress, get to sleep faster, and improve deep sleep; again, all for a better night’s sleep.

Live Evolved Sleep Label

Each serving of Live Evolved Sleep has 400mg of theanine, 600mg of valerian root, 300mg each of ashwagandha and GABA, 100mg of 5-HTP, and a solid dose of the reliable melatonin at 5mg. The brand wraps all of that up in a three-capsule serving size, and, as mentioned, you can pick up a bottle of 30 servings straight from Live Evolved’s website at $29.99.

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