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Built Bar and Puffs get a Mud Pie flavor and it’s only available as a freebie

Mud Pie Built Bar And Built Puffs

In the past, we’ve seen the functional food company Built Brands introduce new flavors and products in many different ways, including making them exclusive freebies. The brand is once again getting ready to officially release another new edible creation, and similar to what we’ve seen from it in the past, it is making them available as a freebie before giving them a regular full launch.

Built Brands has created a Mud Pie flavor for its signature, protein-packed Built Bar and the light and fluffy, Built Puffs. While they aim to provide an experience similar to the popular dessert they’re named after, they still have great macros. The Mud Pie Built Bar has 17g of protein, 5g of sugar, and 150 calories, and the Mud Pie Built Puffs has 16g of protein, 8g of sugar, and also 150 calories.

As mentioned, Built Brands has introduced its new Mud Pie Built Bar and Built Puffs as freebies, with the only way to get them is by grabbing a box of any bar from the brand’s online store. If you do that, Built Brands will throw in a sample pack with two each of the Mud Pie products, but only while stocks last and we don’t imagine that’ll be all that long knowing the brand’s fanbase.