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Myprotein makes a block of chocolate that’s high in protein and vegan-friendly

Myprotein Myvegan Chocolate

The ever-expanding Myprotein has released a block of chocolate this week that’s high in protein, although unlike the other protein chocolate blocks out there, this one has a bit of a twist. The brand’s simply named, Chocolate, has been launched under its Myvegan line, meaning it is a completely vegan-friendly product made exclusively with plant-based ingredients.

Myprotein’s Myvegan series Chocolate has a short and clean set of ingredients with cocoa mass and butter, sugar, hydrolyzed pea protein, sea salt, soy lecithin, and natural flavors. The result is a rich block of chocolate that has more protein per gram than traditional chocolate, with 4.3g in a sizeable serving, 14g of carbohydrates, 11g of fat, and a calorie count of 178.

To make its vegan-friendly Chocolate even more interesting, Myprotein has it in two flavor options; Sea Salt and the common UK combination of chocolate and orange. The brand sells the product in two sizes, a single block at £1.99 (2.43 USD) each, or if you are convinced you’ll enjoy and want to save some money, there is a box of 12 blocks at £19.99 (24.43 USD).