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High stimulant pre-workout is up next from Ninja packing 600mg of caffeine

Ninja High Stimulant Pre Workout

Ninja burst out onto the scene a little over one year ago, and it did so with a lot more than your typical selection of two or three popular category supplements. The refreshing, colorful, and fun-themed brand came out swinging with six separate and reliably effective products, tackling competitive categories like pre-workout, protein powder, amino, sleep, a memorable stimulant-free nootropic, and weight loss.

Later on in 2021, Ninja jumped into two other popular markets with its seventh and eighth supplements, the stimulant-free pre-workout Ninja Swole and the energy and focus-supporting gaming product, Ninja Mode. This year Ninja is going to continue that growth and add more supplements to fit with its broad appeal and branding, some of which it confirmed in our latest Stack3d Supplement Podcast interview.

Ninja Podcast Interview

We brought on the founder and owner of Ninja, Brad Snape, for a 53 minute interview, where he talks all about the beginning of Ninja, its unique approach, how things have been going, and what’s to come. Some of the exciting supplements you can look forward to seeing from Ninja include a high stimulant, although still reasonably balanced pre-workout, featuring an intense 600mg of caffeine in its maximum serving.

Ninja’s Brad Snape also talked about a health and wellness line coming soon that’ll consist of several daily-use or essential style items, like a comprehensive multivitamin and joint support product. If you’d like to listen to our entire interview with Brad from Ninja, check out the latest episode of the Stack3d Supplement Podcast on the major podcast platforms iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and SoundCloud.

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