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Nootropics Depot shares lab results after testing two popular turkesterone supplements

Nootropics Depot Testing Gorilla Mind And Htlt Turkesterone

Nootropics Depot is a supplement company that sells a whole bunch of different products through its online store, many of them single-ingredient standalone products, and it does indeed have a lot. Nootropics Depot also has a popular subreddit where it covers all sorts of topics, answers questions, and recently shared lab test results for two popular turkesterone-based supplements.

Nootropics Depot has tested multiple sports nutrition products over the years, and the turkesterone supplements are two of its latest. The company says it got a hold of Gorilla Mind’s Turkesterone and Greg Doucette’s HTLT Turk Builder, which combines turkesterone and ashwagandha. Nootropics Depot shared results after testing the products to its subreddit alongside an incredibly in-depth explanation of the testing, the facilities it uses, and everything in between.

The results Nootropics Depot posted for the Gorilla Mind Turkesterone and HTLT Turk Builder samples it acquired include 0.44mg or 440mcg of turkesterone per capsule in Gorilla Mind’s supplement, below what the label claims. Nootropics Depot’s results for HTLT Turk Builder were slightly higher but still below what the label says at 0.78mg or 780mcg of turkesterone.

The tests Nootropics Depot performed also found beta ecdysterone in both Gorilla Mind Turkesterone and HTLT Turk Builder, with 5.34mg per capsule in the former and 15.48mg in the latter. You can check out the entire section on Nootropics Depot’s subreddit through this link here, with full images of the complete lab results and even a video tour of the brand’s testing equipment.

Several notable YouTubers have shared well-put-together videos going over Nootropics Depot’s testing of Gorilla Mind’s Turkesterone and HTLT Turk Builder, including Sika Strength, Johnny Bravo, and Tiger Fitness’ Marc Lobliner.