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Nutrex looks like it is bringing back its hit pre-workout Hemo Rage Underground

Nutrex Return Of Hemo Rage Underground

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new and exciting from the legacy brand Nutrex, although if its latest teaser is anything to go by, its next drop will be worth the wait. The brand has shared a graphic with a mostly blacked-out supplement sitting alongside the suggestive and extremely intriguing words “It’s Almost Time To Unleash The G.O.A.T.”

Nutrex doesn’t give you much to go off with its teaser, providing just the image and one line, although we feel we might have some idea of what might be coming. Over the years, Nutrex has launched several different products; some of the most known would be its Lipo 6 family of weight loss supplements and its hard-hitting DMAA-era pre-workout Hemo Rage.

The words “The GOAT” in Nutrex’s teaser line and the shape of the tub in the graphic, are what have us thinking we are about to see the return of the pre-workout Hemo Rage Underground. It obviously won’t feature that formula from somewhere around ten years ago, although we suspect if the brand is utilizing the name, it’ll still be aiming to deliver a similarly intense, high-energy experience.

With the pre-workout category being one of, if not the most competitive in the industry, we’re very interested to see what the team at Nutrex has put together if we are indeed getting the return of Hemo Rage Underground. We’ll be sure to share more information as soon as we have it, and definitely stay tuned, as the brand sounds like it’ll be moving quickly on this.

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