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Olimp gives its third energy drink in a year a carnitine base to support weight loss

Olimp Carni Tea Xplode

The giant Polish supplement company Olimp has dropped several products over the past year, although, more interestingly, two of those have been energy drinks with Amino EAA Xplode and R-Weiler Focus Drink Zero. One year after the introduction of Amino EAA Xplode, the brand has come out with another beverage making it three canned products within a year.

The latest creation from Olimp is Carni-Tea Xplode Zero, and true to its name, it is a carnitine-based energy drink packing a respectable one gram of regular weight loss-supporting l-carnitine. The brand has thrown in a few other active ingredients with 100mg of green tea extract, 100mg of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and another 100mg dose of the natural caffeine for a boost in energy.

Carni-Tea Xplode Zero is indeed another Olimp energy drink, similar to the Amino EAA Xplode and R-Weiler Focus drinks, but like those others, it has its own point of difference in that it’s more of a hybrid weight loss beverage. Olimp has released the product this week in the one Cherry flavor with practically nothing on the nutrition side in no sugar and only three calories.