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PharmaFreak continues its full dose of DAA in Anabolic Freak’s Ultra Edition

Pharmafreak Anabolic Freak Ultra Edition

PharmaFreak has launched one of the all-new supplements it previously previewed with another version of its long-running muscle-building product Anabolic Freak, in Anabolic Freak Ultra Edition. The supplement’s formula has similarities to other iterations of Anabolic Freak and the same sort of goals, featuring ingredients to reduce estrogen and boost testosterone for muscle strength and size.

One of the consistent inclusions in PharmaFreak’s Anabolic Freak is d-aspartic acid or more simply referred to as DAA, at a full dose of 3.12g per serving. It is in the regular Anabolic Freak, the more recent Anabolic Freak Pre-Workout, and the new Anabolic Freak Ultra Edition. That is not all the brand has put into this one, obviously, with the DAA joined by a handful of other ingredients to get the job done.

Pharmafreak Anabolic Freak Ultra Edition Label

Alongside DAA, Anabolic Freak Ultra Edition comes with Shoden branded ashwagandha at 120mg per serving, a variety of vitamins such as vitamin K and D, and lastly, a transparent blend of ingredients to support its estrogen benefits consisting of grape seed, rhodiola, and resveratrol. The heavy formula comes wrapped in a six capsule serving size, which PharmaFreak suggests taking half of in the morning and the other half later that afternoon.

PharmaFreak’s Ultra Edition of the muscle-building Anabolic Freak is available straight from its online store at $53.83 or at for the slightly higher price of $69.99, both for a full-size box of 144 capsules. That is exactly enough capsules for 48 half servings or 24 daily servings, so just over enough to supply you for a full three weeks.