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Tesnor-powered Sex Freak and its free ribbed condom hit PharmaFreak’s online store

Pharmafreak Sex Freak

PharmaFreak’s unique and first-ever sexual health supplement, Sex Freak, is available starting this week, and with the launch has come the full reveal of its ingredients and dosages. Sex Freak is a part of the brand’s multi-benefit Red Label Series, and that theme continues in its latest addition, with Sex Freak featuring a formula to support natural testosterone, stress, mood, and performance.

Multi-benefit formula

PharmaFreak’s Sex Freak outlines all of the effects and the ingredients intending to support them, on its facts panel, and everything is transparently dosed, so you know how much of it all you’re getting. In the area of testosterone health, the brand has included 200mg of longjack, 120mg of Shoden ashwagandha, and 200mg of another premium ingredient with the study-backed Tesnor blend of theobromine and pomegranate.

Alongside the testosterone boosting components, PharmaFreak has packed Sex Freak with theanine and 5-HTP for stress and mood; saw palmetto, stinging nettle, and broccoli extract for anti-estrogen support; and 500mg of turmeric and 100mg of Indian frankincense for what it calls its 69 Flex Freak Support Complex.

Pharmafreak Sex Freak Label

To be taken daily

Another detail worth highlighting for PharmaFreak’s Sex Freak is that unlike most sexual health supplements — or at least those where that is a strong focus — this is intended to be taken every day. Instead of popping a serving when you need it, the brand directs fans to take its latest product daily to support its promoted benefits, and it can be stacked with any of PharmaFreak’s other hormone-type supplements as there isn’t any concerning crossover.

Where to buy

PharmaFreak’s all-new Sex Freak is available starting today through its online store, and it is the exact same price as the FreakMode Series testosterone booster Test Freak 2.0 at $55.63 a box. As mentioned, you get 30 servings in every full-size bottle of Sex Freak, and it encourages you to take advantage of the results, similar to its nootropic Mental Freak, by including a free ribbed condom.