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RAZE Energy becomes the first back-to-back Clash of The Cans champion

Raze Energy Wins Clash Of The Cans

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been running the four rounds that go into our annual Clash Of The Cans competition, where we ask you to vote and find the most popular energy drink on the market. We had the all-out opening round, the quarterfinals, semifinals, then the exciting grand final where reigning champion RAZE Energy battled it out with the still relatively young Ghost Energy.

We received 1,000s of votes across the weeks of our fourth Clash Of The Cans contest, and the product that has come out the other side as the winner has also done so with two major achievements. The Clash Of The Cans champion for 2022, and still the people’s energy drink, is RAZE Energy, becoming the first to win the competition two years in a row and the first beverage to ever win it twice.

We’d like to take this time to additionally thank the many fans and followers that took the time to head to our Clash Of The Cans page and vote, as without your effort, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun. A big shoutout also goes to the many brands and products that were in the contest fighting it out against one another, and we look forward to going through all of this again next year.

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