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Four-year-old GI Juice from Redcon1 is getting a new look and flavor

Redcon1 Lemon Blast Gi Juice

In February of 2018, the two-time Brand Of The Year and now giant supplement company Redcon1 launched its superfood formula GI Juice, bringing together greens and enzymes for digestion. The supplement debuted in only one flavor with Pineapple Banana, then about a year later, the brand gave GI Juice its first new flavor extension with another refreshing fruity recipe in Grape.

Since Grape, Redcon1 has not given GI Juice any attention, although that is about to change, as the brand has announced the third flavor for the superfood supplement is on its way, three years after Grape and four years on from GI Juice’s rollout. Redcon1 is continuing its fruity theme in the next addition to the product with a citrusy Lemon Blast, although there are other things worth mentioning.

Along with Lemon Blast, Redcon1 is updating the look of GI Juice, as you can see in the image above. The brand is basically doing similar to what we’ve seen in some of its other supplements, such as Total War, and it is giving GI Juice colors to match its individual flavors. Lemon Blast will be available soon through, where a 30-serving tub of the supplement will cost you $39.99.

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