Summer inspires Redcon1’s latest special edition Tropical Punch Series

Redcon1 Tropical Punch Series

Redcon1 has pumped out several different flavor series over the past few years, where it creates the same tasty new option for a handful of popular supplements such as Total War, Double Tap, and MRE Lite, and it brands them in a unique label design. The two-time Brand Of The Year has revealed another one of those collections that is said to be launching soon with the summer-inspired Tropical Punch Series.

Redcon1’s Tropical Punch collection is going to be made up of five different products, each wearing the eye-catching red, yellow, and teal branding seen in the picture above. Those five supplements are the stackable pre-workouts Total War and Big Noise, Grunt, Breach, and the fat burner Double Tap. Again, the refreshing and summery new line will be out and available for purchase shortly over at