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RSP Nutrition turns AminoLean into a pre-workout in AminoLean Max

Rsp Nutrition Aminolean Max

AminoLean is a popular supplement from RSP Nutrition, combining amino acids, including the all-important BCAAs and CarnoSyn beta-alanine, a couple of ingredients for energy, and a blend to support weight loss. It is a multi-benefit product, and it’s about to get a spin-off with AminoLean Max, featuring a formula built to provide a pre-workout experience.

Like the original, RSP Nutrition’s AminoLean Max has a good amount of aminos, although the significant change on this one is everything is transparently dosed, so we know the exact amounts of those aminos. In AminoLean Max, you get a combined 2.5g of all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, with the majority of that being BCAAs at 1.5g.

Rsp Nutrition Aminolean Max Label

Alongside the EAAs, RSP Nutrition has packed AminoLean Max with a handful of common pre-workout ingredients to support performance, muscle pumps, mental focus, and energy. That includes 1.6g of beta-alanine, a full 1.5g of Nitrosigine, a light 250mg of tyrosine and 300mg of alpha-GPC for the focus side, then 200mg of alpinia galanga, and, of course, caffeine in the form of 250mg of InnovaBean natural caffeine.

AminoLean Max will presumably be on RSP Nutrition’s online store soon, although it is already listed at and Amazon. The former is listing the supplement without stock; Amazon, however, has it available at $34.97 for a tub of 25 servings. There are four flavors of AminoLean Max; Sweet Peach, Strawberry Lemonade, Maui Pineapple, and Passionfruit.