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Turkesterone trend continues into New Zealand in Scorpion’s new Level Up

Scorpion Supplements Level Up Turkesterone

The trend of turkesterone-based muscle-building products has made its way to the shores of New Zealand, with the relatively busy Scorpion Supplements getting in on the action. The brand has released Level Up Turkesterone, and it keeps things rather simple and straightforward, with the product featuring only ajuga turkestanica as its main ingredient.

Scorpion Supplements Level Up Turkesterone looks to help you build muscle size and strength with 500mg of ajuga turkestanica per capsule, providing the usual 10% turkesterone. To help with the absorption, the brand has thrown in 10mg of BioPerine branded black pepper, and you get 60 capsules per bottle, enough for the typical one gram a day for a month.

Level Up Turkesterone is competitively priced when shopping directly through Scorpion Supplements’ online store at $59 (37.94 USD), making it one of the cheapest turkesterone products we’ve come across at the amount it has. Due to the simplicity of Level Up, fans of the brand can stack it with any of its other supplements, including its other muscle builders.