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Lean Edge Review: Powerful and effective weight loss without any stimulants

Serious Nutrition Solutions Lean Edge Review

Stimulant-powered weight loss supplements are always fun and slightly more obvious to review compared to a stimulant-free fat burner. This is mostly because those types of products are packed with ingredients to drive energy and focus, which are hard to miss. We’ve always been partial to stimulant-free supplements as they give you more freedom to stack, such as still using a pre-workout, and you can have them any time of day.

Over the past two months, we’ve been running Serious Nutrition Solutions’ premium and packed out stimulantless fat burner Lean Edge, featuring a strong 15 main ingredients. The lengthy review time is usually how long we take to get a good idea of the effectiveness of a weight loss supplement, seeing what kind of results it brings in the gym, the visual changes in the mirror, and the difference it makes to the scale.

Serious Nutrition Solutions Lean Edge Review


As mentioned, judging the results of a stimulant-free fat burner like Lean Edge isn’t so much about how it feels, as there is no immediate stimulant-powered energy or focus benefits to it. We ran Serious Nutrition Solutions’ supplement for a full two months, although it only took about halfway into the first to see it work its magic, where the subtle benefits begin to shine through and create the ideal situation for weight loss.

Some of the standout effects of Serious Nutrition Solutions’ Lean Edge, include significantly improved appetite control and cravings, and by improved, we mean better than the same sort of diet and program without the product. We simply found hunger was not an issue, and while this benefit was subtle in the beginning, in the later weeks where calories were dropped, there continued to be no point where we felt unsatisfied or hungry.

Serious Nutrition Solutions Lean Edge Review

The other noticeable effect of Lean Edge is its ability to enhance the body’s efficiency in burning fat. Again, compared to a similar diet and program aimed at losing weight, the Serious Nutrition Solutions supplement really had us surprised week by week on the scale. Lean Edge helps lose weight, lean out, harden up, and genuinely burn more fat than any other weight loss product we’ve had, and that goes for stim and stim-free.

The results and effectiveness of stimulant-free fat burners, again, are a bit harder to judge as you don’t have the sensory aspect, it all comes down to how much better you look, and Lean Edge made that easy. We also want to reinforce that we compared Lean Edge to similar past weight loss programs and supplements, as you can read above, to communicate how well it works. In our experience, that is the best way to describe how much of a difference a product truly makes, as it is intended to be the only variable.


After a solid and dedicated two months, we’re confident enough in Serious Nutrition Solutions’ Lean Edge to say it reduces appetite and cravings, and noticeably improves how much fat your body burns for better results in the mirror and on the scale. The supplement doesn’t hit or kick, it simply works and helps you get leaner and harder, and it is certainly something we’ll be purchasing and relying on again in the future.

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