Grapple and Sour Cherry come to GAAM Nutrition’s complete EAA product

Sour Cherry Gaam Eaa

GAAM Nutrition has another two new flavor extensions for its more complete, recovery-supporting amino supplement GAAM EAA, although it’s not like the one it dropped a week or so ago. For those that missed it, the house brand from the Swedish sports nutrition retailer Proteinbolaget recently came out with a refreshing addition to GAAM EAA and GAAM BCAA with the limited edition Summer Strawberry Lime.

The latest from Proteinbolaget and GAAM Nutrition for GAAM EAA, featuring all nine EAAs, is the tasty new green apple and grape recipe Grapple and the single fruit flavor Sour Cherry. From what we can tell, neither of these are limited-time tastes like Summer Strawberry Lime and will remain on the amino supplement’s menu moving forward, with a price of 249 kr (25.43 USD) or as low as 211 kr (21.58 USD) a tub for three.

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