Introducing Superzeros and its high-protein low-sugar puff cereal

Superzeros Protein Cereal

The functional food space has seen many different trends and formats be introduced and grow; one of those is definitely the realm of protein-packed or keto-friendly cereal. Many brands have come along and found great success, one of the most impressive being Magic Spoon, and now we have one of the most recent to introduce to you today in the UK-based Superzeros Cereal.

Superzeros Cereal is a colorful company that hit the market earlier this year, and it simply loves breakfast, specifically breakfast cereal. The brand has the one flagship product at the moment in Superzeros high-protein and low-sugar cereal made with a short and simple set of ingredients, including a blend of milk and whey for extra protein, coconut oil, rice starch, and cocoa powder.

The macros in Superzero cereal are around the same as some of its competitors, with a 30g serving packing 10g of protein, 13g of carbohydrates, under half a gram of sugar, 2.3g of fiber, 2.8g of fat, and a very reasonable calorie count of 114.

Superzeros Protein Cereal

Superzeros Cereal is currently available in just two flavors with Cocoa and Apple & Cinnamon, although two others have been confirmed as coming sometime soon in Strawberry and Honey Nut. The cereal itself has a small, puff-style build that you simply throw into a bowl with your preferred amount of milk and enjoy like you would traditional cereal but with a lot more protein and a lot less sugar.

You can purchase the Cocoa and Apple & Cinnamon flavors of Superzeros Cereal directly from the brand’s online store in bundles of two, three, or four boxes. The product obviously becomes more cost-effective the more you buy, with the two-pack working out to £6.50 (7.97 USD) each and the four at £6 (7.36 USD), and you can choose between all in one flavor or an even mix of the two.