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Vitamin Well refreshes the label design for the 2022 version of its Golf Edition

Vitamin Well Focus Golf Edition 2022

Around this time two years ago, the functional beverage company Vitamin Well in Sweden released a limited edition version of its non-carbonated Focus drink, featuring a blend of B vitamins, vitamin C, and caffeine. It was a Golf Edition of Vitamin Well’s Focus, specifically for golf fans, with all of the same key ingredients, its original Blackcurrant flavor, but wrapped in a golf-themed label design.

Vitamin Well is back, two years later, with another Golf Edition Focus drink, which is much the same as the last one. The brand has taken the original product, maintained its vitamins, energizing 75mg of caffeine, and Blackcurrant flavor, but refreshed the label design. You can see what the 2022 edition looks like above, and it also actually says that on the label, “Vitamin Well Focus Golf Edition 2022”.

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