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Premium ViNitrox is being added for VMI’s third iteration of Vasogen

Vmi Sports Vasogen V3

Vasogen is VMI Sports’ premier pump-enhancing supplement that comes in capsule format, and it’s been around for some time, with two versions released over the years and a third one right around the corner. The brand is expected to launch the new Vasogen Pump Caps or Vasogen V3 within the next couple of weeks, with VMI’s website to be the first place you’ll be able to purchase the product.

Fans of the stimulant-free, pump-powering supplement will be pleased to hear that the formula is going to remain mostly the same. VMI Sports has said it is removing one ingredient from the current iteration of Vasogen and adding an all-new one in its place. The new addition will be the premium branded compound ViNitrox, backed by studies that show increases in the production of nitric oxide.

Once again, VMI Sports is looking to launch the latest evolution of its stackable pump pre-workout sometime within the next week or two over at We imagine the price will be much the same in Vasogen Pump Caps or Vasogen V3 as the version that’s available on shelves at the moment, which is very reasonable through the brand’s website at $34.99 for a bottle of 30 servings.

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