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Zoomad seems to simplify the formula for its sequel pre-workout Moonstruck II

Zoomad Labs Moonstruck 2

Spanish brand Zoomad Labs, known for its sports nutrition supplements with animal faces molded on the tubs, has launched a sequel to its original pre-workout Moonstruck with Moonstruck II. Surprisingly, the brand has much fewer ingredients in the new product, and even more interesting, it has gone from complete transparency to putting the various components into non-transparent blends.

Zoomad Labs has removed creatine from Moonstruck II, as well as the original pre-workout’s tyrosine, glycine, Kyowa branded glutamine, rhodiola, and the premium pump enhancing Vinitrox. The brand really seems to have simplified the formula for its Moonstruck sequel, and it’s a little difficult to tell how similar the dosages are in the ingredients that have remained due to the proprietary blends.

To power muscle pumps and performance, Zoomad Labs has packed Moonstruck II with a sizeable 13g blend of arginine AKG, pure citrulline, regular l-arginine, and beta-alanine. Alongside that, for energy and focus, you get a 450mg combination of caffeine anhydrous, ginkgo biloba, panax ginseng, and green tea, with no mention of exactly how much actual caffeine that blend provides.

Zoomad Labs has kept the gorilla in a straight jacked graphic on the front of Moonstruck II, although to help tell the difference from the original, the called-out highlights have changed and “II” is beside the title. The Spanish brand’s refreshed pre-workout is available now in its home country in five flavors, including Candy Coke and Devil Cherry, packing the usual 30 servings a tub.